I’m Raina Wallace, and I had a dream.

I had a dream about being seated in a book lined room, with other people. A ghostly woman appeared, tried to tell us something – the word Paris was in there – and vanished, drawn into the fireplace by weird tentacles. Which is all kind of standard for a dream. Except, the next day I saw someone – someone I had seen in the dream. In fact, I met everyone that had been in the dream, that next day. Everyone was in Cleveland, like me.

The dreams have brought seven strangers together. A set of mysteries bind them. What is the meaning of the White Room at the Cleveland Public Library? What secrets does the encoded manuscript hold. What is the Bell of Lost Sunsets, and what does it have to do with Squire’s Castle?

Find out these things and more in the next installment of More Things in Heaven and Hell.

Meet the characters: Rex Barrett, Esteban Guerrero, Raina Wallace, Jaresh “Jay” Gunraptush, Ralph Douglas (more to come as soon as I get bios for the characters)

Previous Episodes:
  1. Dreams
  2. Bell Book and Candle

More Things in Heaven and Hell

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