Raina Wallace

21, bookish, and in over her head.


Raina Wallace (21) is 5’ 5”, of average build, green eyes, wears glasses, and keeps her brown hair pulled neatly back, either in a French braid or a pony tail. (She does not quite have the courage to cut it short.) She grew up with one older brother (Sean) who is currently living in France. She has had half a dozen boyfriends but gets mentally bored easily, has a tendency to speak when she should shut up and let him have the spotlight, and does not have the patience to keep one at present. She has a very hard time not acting like a “know-it-all” and pointing out trivial factual errors. It is not an endearing trait.

Raina was home schooled until 4th grade which was easier as the family did a lot of travel in the UK throughout this time. This tapered off when her older brother entered Jr High and they both moved back to Ohio and enrolled in the local public school. Raina’s family has always been a Christian family, but church attendance was not regular, due to travel. Worship was supplemented by commentaries, because books have always been held in very high esteem.

The family has always been oriented and connected to books, and the instant Raina had an interest in a subject (and she had a lot of interests in a lot of subjects) she would end up at the library. At college she is studying in order to do some sort of writing, though she isn’t sure exactly what, partly inspired by her father, who has written a couple of books. She would rather write a novel, personally – and illustrate it too, but she is taking classes in order to do something “that pays” in the meantime.

Her father, Keaton, taught at Case, for awhile. He wrote several books including a field guide to European architecture, researched while they were there. (Raina has a copy, and made him autograph it, and has had a tendency to give copies to any boyfriend just to see if they can pretend to like it.) Her mother, Allison, is a stay-at-home mom, though heavily involved with a home business – sewing, mending and tailoring. (Her mother is an excellent seamstress because she grew up as the only woman in their household.) One uncle is supposed to have written a book on the history of stage illusions, but no copies of it seem to be on the market since it was published on a very limited basis, and any copies that were purchased were kept in private libraries. (He did not perform himself, but allegedly helped devise some illusions.) Raina has tried to find a copy on several occasions.

Raina went to Case Western (a National Merit Scholar) and began with a double-major in English Lit & History – which she finished, except for ONE CREDIT. She recently took a half year off, went around and toured Italy and France (where her brother is) and is now back, finishing that degree and in addition working toward a Masters in English. She really wants to write – though she knows realistically she’s going to end up teaching at some point because that’s one of the things you do to survive while you write, when you have degrees like this. Raina has published a chapbook of poetry under an alias, and contributed short stories to many Zines (some online, some off). She plans to tour Scotland and Ireland as soon as she gets a chance, but it just didn’t fit into her last UK visit.

Other hobbies include sketching and writing, letterboxing and fencing. She has a penchant for collecting old writing instruments, books and paperweights. Raina also has severe claustrophobia.

Raina Wallace

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