Ralph Douglas

Washed-up former Olympic boxing champion



  • 10 Agility
  • 6 Smarts
  • 6 Spirit
  • 10 Strength
  • 6 Vigor

Derived Stats

  • 6” Pace
  • 8 Parry
  • 6 Toughness
  • 0 Charisma


  • 4 Climbing (str)
  • 12 Fighting (ag)
  • 8 Guts (spr)
  • 6 Notice (sm)
  • 4 Shooting (ag)
  • 4 Swimming (ag)
  • 6 Throwing (ag)
  • 6 Intimidation (spr)
  • 6 Stealth (ag)


  • Clueless (MAJOR) -2 to Common Knowledge
  • Phobia: Flight (MINOR)
  • Doubting Thomas (MINOR)


  • Ambidextrous (no penalty for use of “off” hand)
  • Brawny (+1 Toughness)

Ralph Douglas is a guy who reached the peak of his life at age 20 and it’s been all downhill ever since. A bit of a slow learner, Ralph struggled through school but showed some promise as an athlete from as young as eight years old. His parents had Ralph late in life, and he seemed destined to follow his father to the factory assembly line and carve out for himself the same kind of blue collar, lower middle class life everyone in his family led. But an uncle who was also a junior high football coach recognized Ralph’s raw physical gifts and shepherded the boy toward a sports career. He helped set Ralph up with Pete Williams, a boxing trainer who was able to take the boy’s natural abilities and somehow, miraculously, turn them into Olympic gold. A pro career ought to have been the next step, but Ralph’s trainer (by this time the only one who really looked out for Ralph’s interests) got into some major financial trouble, declared bankruptcy, and lost his home and his wife. Too wrapped up in his own problems to be the guiding force Ralph needed, the trainer deserted his star athlete. Although other trainers and boxing promoters were interested in helping Ralph get set up in the professional arena, he just felt overwhelmed and lost without Pete. His elderly and unsophisticated parents convinced their immature son to come back home to Eastlake, Ohio, and get a job in a medical supplies plant, which he did. He worked there for about four months until the company moved its plant to Mexico last year. Since then Ralph has been out of work. He keeps a strict training schedule, but that’s mainly out of habit rather than any ambition to continue his boxing career. He feels a little guilty sponging off his parents, but they don’t seem to mind having someone around to mow the lawn, take out the garbage, shovel snow, etc. Still, Ralph would like to get his own apartment and maybe a car, but first he’s got to get his hands on some money.

Ralph Douglas

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